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Maureen Buchbinder
Nutriton and Health Coach/Educator/Chef

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Welcome to NuYou on the Web!

What Is NuYou?

NuYou was founded by Maureen Buchbinder for the sole purpose of advancing healthier living for families and individuals. Maureen provides nutritional guidelines for children, adolescents and adults in the following categories:

General Health and Physical Well Being
Weight Control and Dietary Recommendations
Hypoglycemic and Hyperglycemic
Other Health Related Factors
Personal Chef & Recipes to Set you on the Right Track
Personal Grocery Shopping with Tips and Guidance
Kitchen Revamp for the NuYou
USANA Supplements for the NuYou

Nutrition coaching and education is a partnership in which you and Maureen work together to optimize your eating behavior and solving any related issues to your physical well-being. Expand your wisdom upon all things healthy and take the hands-on approach towards revamping your life today!

NuYou is a program designed for individuals seeking an overall healthier way of life.




Maureen has taught me to be MINDFUL !!!! That is the whole thing in a nut shell.. She has taught me to eat, and be satisfied. She has brought my cholesterol down 50 points, just by changing the way I choose food. I never feel deprived, and I feel good, soooo good.I will never diet again. I eat all day long, and never let myself get REALLY hungry. You have to be patient with this process, and it is a process. It took me a lifetime to figure it out.. and I am still working at it.....You are the best ...



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